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Anonymous said: Is it true that the fashion world has lots of drug use? I know it was that way for Kate Moss & Naomi I wonder if it is still true...

Not just in the fashion world…

Anonymous said: Hola Cris, y el apellido Piccone es italiano? o que otro origen tiene...

Sip :)

Anonymous said: Time for a new icon pic on instagram

Lol I haven’t think about that :P

Anonymous said: do your eyebrows and start looking like a woman you ladyboy

If having tattooed eyebrows is the shit for you, then I think you should open a magazine darling :)

Anonymous said: Cris do you like the show sex & the city??


Anonymous said: such a huge fan of your work, girl. it's a rare thing that someone has as much soul and grace as they do looks and style. you're fuckin killin' it, rooting for you all the way. thanks for being awesome!

Wow this totally cheered me up ❤️ thank you so much!

Anonymous said: Have you ever dated someone who was using drugs? just found out my love is and I don't know what to do ):

Mmmh what kind of drugs Is he doing ? And how often?